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Exceptional Piano & Voice Lessons
for Exceptional Kids in St. Louis

Our small-group labs build confidence and independence,

so kids can create the music that they already love.

So your kid is a music kid.

They listen to music all day long. They are constantly singing around the house or banging on the furniture or writing their own songs or teaching themselves any number of instruments. They need an outlet for this natural affinity for all things musical -- a place where they are accepted and celebrated and given the tools to transform what they love into true skill and confident ability.


But the offerings at school aren't cutting it. Maybe it's even worse than that. There just isn't really a place where the music kids fit in. Or it's such a competitive atmosphere that the joy is lost.


If there isn't an outlet for their exuberant musical passion, then what happens?


They grow frustrated. What was once considered a cute knack for the dramatic when they were a toddler is now making them feel "other" - like they don't fit in and don't know where their people are.

They slowly lose that spark.

They try to like what the "cool kids" like instead of fueling their true passion. Frustration. Loneliness. Their perfectionism really rears its ugly head. Lack of motivation. Maybe they even start to seek attention in less productive ways. They're just...floating.

You hate to see them miss out on all of their exceptional potential. They're so smart and curious and funny and creative. It's hard to watch them feel like they aren't accepted.  

As a parent, you feel helpless.

Here's the great news: You've found that place where the music kids fit in! It's right here.

At Patterson Performing Arts, we celebrate music kids with all their quirks and passionate curiosity, and we train them. We take them where they are and give them the tools to hone and polish that raw talent into confident, independent music-making that they can be proud to share with the world.

They will find their voice here. At the piano, holding a ukulele, singing into a microphone on stage, or even producing their own music -- this is their safe space. The community where they can try new things, practice being brave, make mistakes, make silly or even ugly sounds and laugh and try again. Perfectionism and competition have no place here. Our teachers are guides, not lofty critics with a superiority complex. We WERE that music kid. We love what we do. We love performing and honing our own music-making and we are truly passionate about providing the space for our students to do the same.

Getting Started is Easy!




Accelerated Piano Lab

Our Accelerated Piano Lab meets for 60-minutes each week. Students receive one-on-one instruction and work on their piano skills at their own pace.

  • play in the studio twice as long as a typical piano lesson

  • reap the benefits of both private instruction and group interaction

  • build problem-solving skills and develop independence

  • gain effective practice skills

  • build confident performance savvy in an encouraging, low-pressure environment.

$169/month, includes all materials


Accelerated Voice Lab

Our Accelerated Voice Lab meets for 90 minutes each week. Singers work in a small group and receive one-on-one instruction.

  • develop healthy vocal technique

  • grow sight-reading abilities

  • gain effective practice skills

  • explore the dramatic storytelling side of singing

  • build confident performance savvy in an encouraging, low-pressure environment.  

$259/month, includes all materials

Portrait of Middle Aged Woman

Carlita, parent

I have seen that my daughter has grown tremendously in confidence since she started studying with Heather and am amazed at how much her voice has developed each time I hear her perform. Heather has been a blessing and her love to share her gifts is irreplaceable.


David, student

I am so excited to be taking piano lessons with Jake. I love being in the studio with other pianists but yet we are working on our own skills with our headphones. It is such a novel and different way to be learning. I get to practice and ask questions of Jake as they come up in real time.

Happy Woman

Vinita, parent

My daughter has always loved singing, but under Ms Heather’s guidance she is able to make the most of her natural talent. We love the professionalism and the passion with which these classes are delivered. The concerts are a joy to attend for parents that reveal the beautiful work of all the students.

Girl's Portrait

Anneliese, student

I like that you get time to practice in the studio with Jake. The time is just long enough that you can practice, ask questions and learn!

At Patterson Performing Arts we know that you are the kind of parent that wants their exceptional kids to find their community.


In order for that to happen, you have to find the place that will allow them to flourish. The problem is... where do you look? How do you find it? What's the right place?

We believe that you shouldn’t have to figure this stuff out on your own. We understand how frustrating it can be to find the right community for your kids and the right outlet for their exceptional talent. That’s why we created this community that will remove the fear that your kid won't find it, will lose interest, and not reach their potential.

Here’s how it works:

First: Schedule your discovery call. We'll hear about your kid and find the best fit for their needs.

Second: Choose a time slot & get registered. We'll find a time that's convenient for you.

Third: Take lessons, and find the right community to grow your confidence and make music!

So schedule your discovery call and let's connect your kid to the place where music kids belong.

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 Conveniently located piano and voice lessons in the heart of Webster Groves, with easy access to students from all over St. Louis, including South County, West County and Illinois.

Our studio is located on the 2nd floor of

First Congregational Church

of Webster Groves

10 W. Lockwood Ave.

Saint Louis, MO 63119



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